Scripts are becoming available for the 2019-2020 season to read in advance - and must be returned no later than the first audition date.  Please contact the Palace Theatre Box Office at 519-432-1029 to make arrangements.  A $20.00 REFUNDABLE deposit is required.  This deposit is forfeit if script is not returned at the specified time.

 ALSO: If you are not an actor, but would like to work on a show, contact the Producer and let them know - there are usually more people working backstage/booth than there are on stage.

 For more information on any of the plays and/or auditions, please contact:

2019/2020 Season

Audition notices will be posted one by one as they are received from our directors. To learn more about what is coming this season, click here. 

Veritas by Lynda Martens

Auditions: BY APPOINTMENT - October 6, 8 & 10, 2019 in Maryse Leitch Hall
Production Dates: January 30 - February 9, 2020 on the Main Stage

Director Dale hirlehey
Producer cindi armer-almeida
Stage Manager amanda marshall

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