Where the Community Truly Participates in the Art of Theatre 


We believe everyone who wants to be entertained, provoked, inspired, or moved by theatre should be afforded the opportunity to do so at the level of involvement that they choose.  We inspire and nurture individuals through volunteer and educational experiences in theatrical production and management.  Our productions are brought together in spectacular fashion by highly talented and motivated volunteers from London and surrounding areas.  

Come out to see for yourself.  Enjoy our productions.  There is always something new at the Palace.


July 27, 2018

on the main stage

A courtroom has never been more lively and fun than in The Big Bad Musical! The notorious Big Bad Wolf is being slapped with a class-action lawsuit by storybooks of quirky characters who want to get even:  Little Red Riding Hood, her Grandmother, the Three Little Pigs and the Shepherd in charge of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  As our wronged fairy tale characters testify, the wolf seems deserving of all that’s coming.  Yet, even though the infamous Evil Stepmother resents doing pro-bono work on such an obviously futile defence, Mr. Wolf makes a good case for himself.  Was he born a criminal, or made one? 

July 29, 2018

in procunier hall

August 4, 2018

on the main stage




Passionate and Skilled Volunteers Needed for our

Biggest Season Ever!

 Help with our Wardrobe, Become a Dresser for a Show, Sew for some of our Biggest Shows this year!

Join our Build Team and help build fabulous sets!

Skilled builders needed. Daytime or evening schedules available.