For the past four decades, London Community Players (LCP) has given Londoners a chance to "play a part" in live community theatre.

In 1990, LCP purchased and began renovating the Palace Theatre, located in the heart of London's Old East Village. The Palace Theatre is an anchor in the ongoing revitalization of the OEV community. Nearly 35,000 patrons attended performances and special events over the last year.

The past few winters had accelerated the deterioration of the exterior walls of the theatre auditorium. Moisture had been wicking through the yellow brick of this beautiful heritage building, which caused sever damage to the hand-laid plaster on the interior walls.

Last year, LCP made significant steps in repairs through the generous donations of sponsors and attendees at the fundraiser, Elizabeth's Night at the Palace. Through the evening, participants got an up-close look at the deterioration of the walls, and through their donations helped to make a significant dent in the cost of the repairs. With that total cost in excess of $150,000, the Fundraising Committee has agreed to come back again, this year holding the fundraiser on April 22, 2017. While many of the cosmetic repairs have been completed, the second phase of work is to deal with items less glamorous, to ensure the damage is not repeated. That is where you come in.

Your support was paramount in LCP exceeding their goal last year, raising over $34,000.00 towards the repairs. We hope you will participate as both as sponsor and participant this year to celebrate the revitalization of the Palace Theatre.

This spring, LCP will be transforming the Palace Theatre into a wonderland with an evening of Alice at the Palace. This event will be comprised of The Mad Hatters Dinner, The Looking Glass Cocktail Party, and a silent and live auction. For those who attended last year, keep in mind that the dinner sold out in only 4 weeks!

All money raised at this event ensures that other funds in the LCP budget are used for programming like LYTE, the London Youth Theatre Education Program. Programs like LYTE are not only vital to LCP, but to the community, allowing all children an opportunity to participate in theatre.

We hope we can count on your support this year. For those who participated last year, we urge you to get your tickets early, and share in the celebration. Be a part of the change and the challenge to restore the Palace, and keep theatre alive and well in the Old East Village.

We thank you for your time and consideration of our event.

Most sincerely,