The LYTE (London Youth Theatre Education) Program begin in 2004 as a 2-week summer program for youth. In September 2013, in addition to the summer program, the Fall/Winter Senior LYTE Program began. This program included a variety of workshops for youth in both performance and technical aspects of theatre.  In 2016, the Fall/Winter program was renamed the Main Stage Musical Program and has since exploded with immense success. LYTE now offer three levels of the Main Stage Musical Program (Junior, Intermediate, & Senior), as well as two Spring Programs, a Homeschool Theatre Program and two Summer Musical Theatre Programs.

The goal of the LYTE Program is simple - to instill a love of theatre in youth.

Not only do LYTE participants get performing arts training and experience, but they also develop valuable life skills while gaining confidence and self-esteem. Check our amazing programs and see all that LYTE has to offer!

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LYTE Production History

2018/2019 Season

Junie B Jones JR The Musical, December 2018
Seussical, March 2019
The Enchanted Bookshop, May 2019
The Wolves, May 2019
The Skokie  Detective Charter School, June, 2019
Law & Order: C-Rhyme & Pun-ishment, July 2019
Disney’s High School Musical 2 JR, August 2019

2017/2018 Season

The Grunch, December 2017
Oliver! , March 2018
The Mysterious Case  of the Missing Ring, May 2018
26 Pebbles, May 2018
Bad Ideas for Bad Television Shows, June 2018
The Big Bad Musical, July 2018
Disney’s High School Musical JR, August 2018

2016/2017 Season

The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy, March 2017
The Trials of Alice in Wonderland, May 2017
Juvie, May 2017
Homework Eats Dog, and Other Woeful Tales, June 2017
Yo-Ho-Ho and a Wad of Gum, July 2017
15 Reasons NOT To Be In A Play, August 2017
Everything’s Groovy, August 2017

2015/2016 Season

Christmas Carol, December 2015
The Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon, March 2016

2014/2015 Season

Beauty & The Beast JR, March 2015
Holka Polka, June 2015

2013/2014 Season

Alice in Wonderland JR, March 2014

2013/2012 Season

Harry’s Hotter at Twilight, March 2013