Rentals Inquires for  the Main Stage and Procunier Hall must be made by contacting the Box Office.


The stage floor is plywood sheeting. Set components may be secured to the floor by use of wood screws only. Lag Bolts or Stage Screws are not to be used for securing set components to the stage. Set components shall not be secured to the stage walls.

Note that there is a Fire Curtain at the plaster line which may not be obstructed. There are also ante-proscenium doors on either side of the stage.

The Stage Door is located in our loading bay at the rear of the Theatre on the west side of the building. The Green Room and access to the three levels of changing rooms are at the back of the stage. The workshop is located at the back of the stage with an access door to the parking lot and unloading area on the East side of the building.

There are four sets of stationary legs. There is a mid stage traveller, centre split, with no hand line controls; requiring it to be pulled across the stage.

The rear curtain is centre split. Curtain pull is at stage right edge of curtain. Curtain may be opened to expose desired width of cyclorama. The cyclorama is mounted on a sliding track allowing it (once the tensioning is released) to be moved to one side to facilitate load in and load out. Chauvet Ovation C-640FC fixtures may be used to illuminate the cyclorama.


Backstage Facilities

Loading In: Immediately behind the stage and fire door accessible to the stage is a small workshop/storage space. This room opens to the municipal car park on the northeast corner of the building. Majority of standard size set pieces may be unloaded through this room. There is space for a truck to back up to the loading door. The door from outside is a standard size man door; double doors from workshop onto stage.

Green Room

The Green Room is located off stage right. The room is equipped with kitchen sink and refrigerator. The Green Room exits directly to the municipal car park on the northwest corner of the building via the Stage Door. Program Sound is available in this room. Communication to the Stage Manager and/or ASM is available by “squawk box” clear-com.

Make Up & Dressing Room

There is a makeup/dressing room located on the second floor immediately above the Green Room. It is accessed from the northwest stair well. It has a washroom & toilet. Stage sound is piped into this room. Communication to the Stage Manager and/or ASM is available by “squawk box” clear-com.

The 3rd floor dressing room is spartan. It does however have a washroom and toilet. Program Sound is available in this room. Communication to the Stage Manager and/or ASM is available by clear-com. There is also a washroom located in the basement by the northwest stairwell. Program Sound is fed into this area.


Lighting Controls

Palace Main Stage Lighting is controlled through a desktop computer running ETC NOMAD in either EOS or Element mode, outputting DMX via a Gadget II. An XKeys is configured for typical programming, so the virtual keyboard or shortcut keys need not be used. The first universe is run into the grid via DMX cable, and split via an optical isolating splitter. There are several empty outputs on this splitter, along with cables ran for installed systems, and to the upstage-most electric. All DMX 512 devices are 5 pin XLR only.

Additional DMX controlled devices can be run from the splitter (located on the catwalk between the proscenium and front-of-house electric), however we ask that all cabling follows the “E1.11 – 2008, USITT DMX512-A” Standard and typical Best Practice (i.e. proper cable, at appropriate length, termination, etc.).

House lights are controlled via dimmer switches located in the booth at the lighting operator position.


Currently there are 36 dimmers available. Dimmers 1 through 24 are located in a Lee ENR-24 dimmer rack, Mounted on the catwalk immediately above stage centre. Dimmers 25 through 36 are in a Strand CD-80-12 pack mounted on the catwalk for Front of House Lighting.  All Dimmers are 2 outlet, 110 vac 20 amp, with L5-20 (20A Twist) connection. Each of these dimmer packs has a fusible disconnect switch mounted on a wooden panel above the Strand CD-80 pack. A 4 channel dimmer pack can be made available for on stage practicals.

Overhead lighting is hung from a 2-inch piping grid suspended from building steel. These positions are accessible from on stage by use of a GENIE vertical Hoist. 20 foot and 30 foot ladders are also available if set construction precludes or limits accessibility by the vertical hoist. Power cabling to the selected hang points on the lighting grid are routed from the appropriate dimmer through ceiling openings. Care should be taken to minimize trip hazards by avoiding use of the catwalk flooring for running cables, along with best practice measures such as the use of tie-line.

Lighting Positions

Front of House Lighting instruments are suspended from a 2-inch pipe welded to the transverse cross walk or from the rails of the cross walk. Power cabling to the selected hang points is run from the appropriate dimmer to the hang point. Care should be taken to avoid trip hazards. There are three Side bars located either side of the auditorium approximately 6 ft to the stage side of the auditorium emergency exits. Each of these side bars are attached to the auditorium walls. The lowest is 10 ft above auditorium floor level, the other two are mounted at 3-foot intervals vertically. Each of these sidebars can support 2 Lighting Instruments. Power cabling has been run to each of the bars terminating in a 2fer 20-amp Twist Lock plug. The other end of these cables can be found draped over the Panel supporting the Fusible Disconnect switches above the Strand CD-80 pack.


Audio System

The Sound system consists of four speakers, audio amplifier, mixing console, snake, and playback computer. An overhaul of the audio system is planned for this year. Updates to audio specifications will be provided as soon as they are available.


There are four speakers. Two are at floor level, normally positioned stage right and left of the Proscenium Opening. These can be moved to any on stage location. The other two speakers are mounted in the attic, at the audience right and left ceiling openings. These are normally used for pre-show or house music.

Audio Amplifier

There are two Audio Amplifiers racks mounted at the Sound Operator's Left.

Mixing Console

The current audio console is an Allen & Heath ZED-420. This console has 16  mono inputs and 2 dual stereo inputs, along with 6 auxiliary sends, 4 sub groups, 2 Matrixes and L,R,M outputs. The USB audio connection has been temperamental and is not suggested to be used.



Playback Computer

MacMini running QLab Pro Audio + Video professional playback software.


There are two communication systems in the booth:

  • Airphone to the House Manager position in the concessions area, 1st floor lobby.
  • “Clear Com” Stage Intercom System.

The “clear com” system provides “headset” communication to stage right and stage left for use by Assistant Stage Managers. There are additional ports in the rear of the auditorium that can be used for headset use. Clear-com belt packs are placed on an ad-hoc basis and can also be run to the production table. Additionally, there are two “Squawk Boxes” located in the Green Room backstage and the second-floor dressing/ makeup room. These allow the Stage Manager to communicate directly with these areas, on a separate channel from communications with crew headsets.

Program Sound

This system provides an audio feed to the following locations:

  • Technical Booth
  • Green Room
  • 2nd floor Make Up/ Dressing Room
  • 3rd floor Dressing Room
  • Basement area below Green Room

This system utilizes a microphone mounted on the auditorium ceiling, in the rear quarter of the auditorium. This microphone feeds a small audio mixer that provides audio feed to the Infrared Assistive Hearing system as well as to the Program Sound system amplifier. This amplifier is shelf mounted in front of the Stage Manager’s work station. The amplifier provides a 70-volt audio feed to speakers as noted above. Each speaker has its own Volume Control.

Wireless Microphone 

There are currently no wireless microphones in the Palace.


The Theatre is equipped with a Hitachi Multimedia Projector CP-X1250 XGA that offers 5500 lumens of brightness and WXGA wide screen capability. The motorized screen is 24 ft wide and 14 ft high and is permanently mounted on one of the backstage catwalks. When not in use the screen retracts into a protective housing. Input types include HDMI, VGA, S-Video & component connection. Typically, video signal is sent from the Playback Computer running QLab.


The Theatre has a SKYJACK SJ III 3219 hydraulic scissor lift that is available for use to authorized personnel. It has a platform height of up to 19 ft and a working height of up to 25 ft.