LYTE Spring Senior Drama


by Jerome McDonough

Set in a juvenile detention center, Juvie depicts the life of kids who are scared, lonely and locked up.
Some are drug offenders, some have killed and some are just misfits.

LYTE is looking to cast 9-15 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. Since this show is cast by audition only, there are no registration costs.

Auditions will be held individually on Sunday, February 26 between 10 am - 2 pm and on Monday, February 27 between 4 pm - 6 pm.

Audition Requirements

Please prepare one contemporary dramatic monologue. You may be asked to read from the script.

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals for Juvie will be Tuesdays from 7 pm-9 pm + Saturdays from 12:30 pm-3:30 pm, beginning on Tuesday April 11.

Performance Dates

Juvie performs June 23-25, 2017 in Procunier Hall at The Palace Theatre.

Additional Information

You can read an excerpt from the script or book your audition with Program Coordinator Ruth Noonan by clicking below.